Window Restrictors

Extra security and safety can be obtained with the introduction of simple restricting devices (restrictors).


Restrictors can be retro-fitted to a window or may have been factory fitted during the manufacturing process.


Buit-in restrictors which are commonly incorporated within the design of a friction stay allow for additional security through restriction of the opening to prevent access from outside whilst providing ventilation, the restricting action can be typically released by depressing a release button incorporated into the stay.


Some friction stays may even in addition to restricting the opening provide a facility to slide the entire opening window along its friction track to allow for easy cleaning of the outside of the glass from within the safety of the building.


An important note here is that the attributes of releasable restrictors allow them to provide additional safety where young children are concerned making it a more complicated task for a child to fully open the window.


Some restrictors provide the facility to lock the release system with a key, these provide an almost definite solution for child safety, however this should also be considered along with the need to evacuate quickly during a fire situation, and is therefore advisable to be selective in deciding where to install them.





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restrictor replacements
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PVC-u Door Locks (Multipoint)

Multipoint door locks are so called because of the number of locking points which are incorporated within the design of the lock, there are an array of multipoint locks available ranging from simpler four rolling cam design to the more complex end of the scale that incorporate several locking types, for example a multipoint which has roller cams, a single dead lock and either vertical shoot bolts of claw shaped dead locks or even a combination of both.


Identifying a multipoint door lock can be daunting to the novice given the array available and to add to this complexity many multipoint locks do not bear the manufacturer’s name or seal.


To make matters worse many manufacturers have ceased trading or have abandoned their old product lines to focus on new designs and styles.


Now contrary to popular belief a PVC-u door is not draught proof when it is just on the latch, this is especially true for inward opening doors which can be deflected under loads such as the force from a prevailing wind.


To counter this, draught proofing is achieved through compression of a door’s weather seal, compression of the weather seal is provided by the multipoint lock when it is activated and engaged, the action of the multipoint when it is operated forces the door to its frame thus providing an effective seal 

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