Faceplate: Flat 16mm
Backset: 35mm
Centres: 92mm
Spindle: Single 8mm

KFV AS230035 35mm Backset

  • This KFV multipoint is a 1 piece locking mechanism consisting of a latch, deadbolt and 2 pins.

    - Distance between pins - 1490mm

    Operation: Key wind. Latch reversal - Push in latch and undo screw in back of lockcase to remove latch. KFV Multipoint locks have no markings on the faceplate. 25mm and 30mm versions were originally supplied as latch only. All KFV Multipoint locks will have a case height of 210mm with a small slot at the top of the case. 24mm U-rail versions are becoming obsolete, we have been advised by some of our customers that if have a rivet gun it is possible to remove a case from a 16mm flat version and re-rivet to the existing 24mm U-rail version.